2 Chainz - Wait For You To Die Текст песни (слова)

Before all these people lost jobs, Kari couldn’t find one
He ain’t really ask me for nothin’, it’s time rob somethin’
People more intune with their senses than the Bible
‘Round here you sold dope or pussy, it’s called survival
Middle finger to pigs, 12, feds, and 5-0
Niggas call you when they want somethin’ just like a side hoe
My mind blown, when I was down niggas was blind fold
Grind mode, still sellin’ bags when I was signed though
That’s a sign though I’m a rhyme more, I’m in Cabo
Mike Amiri, Dior like I’m Pop Smoke
On the top floor, listen carefully, this the top floor
I been poppin’ up on people head like July 4th
Potna died I didn’t cry, guess my tears is dried up
When I was winnin’, you wasn’t clappin’ for me, your hands was tied up
And I’m tired of all this pain that’s inside of me
Talkin’ to my demons and they told me that they were proud of me

They wait for you to die
They wait for you to die
They wait for you to die
They wait for you to die

Got them drugs not prescribed, tryna mask what’s inside
Be the first one to say, I’m the last of my kind
Yeah, it’s two step aside
Not the one, I’m a vibe
All the rage that’s inside
Durin’ a plague I survive
I’m God’s favorite
And when it come to the drip
I’m a Navy ship
I’m with you up in this bitch
Ain’t no baby steps
I jumped over the fence
They wait for you to die
So they can sit reminisce

I mean you got some people out here waitin’ on you to die so they can take your girl
The labels waitin’ on you to die
Some people waitin’ on you to die
(So they can sit and talk shit about you)
They waitin’ on you to die so they can get some materialistic things
Ah, you know grandma left me the house, you know
She left me the car
You know
Did they have life insurance?
Who goin’ to pay for the funeral?
(They wait for you to die)
What you mean you been doin’ all that hustlin’ and ain’t got nothin’ saved up?
So when you die they leave that responsibility to someone else
(They wait for you to die)
You gotta get a Go Fund me account or some shit like that
(They wait for you to die)
You gotta raise money
But see if, see if I don’t pay for the funeral
(They wait for you to die)
I ain’t, I ain’t a real nigga no more
You ain’t real no more
Man, come on with that shit
(They wait for you to die)

Текст песни (слова) Wait For You To Die

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