After The Summer - Freedom To Live Текст песни (слова)

If you didn’t understand it all
Wouldn’t that make it genius then?
Where you wanna bury your head
I don’t have no insides left

I’m sorry i gave it away too young
Maybe i should have it out
And yell about it on the next track
(but i don’t think that’d take it back)

You said you’re fine
What the fuck does that mean?
After all we’ve been through
What the fuck does that mean?

You still make me hurt
You still make me love
So if i’m dead inside
I guess it’s not enough

But if i only dreamed her
Is she my dream girl?
If i promised to let the fake drain
Would she twirl?

I just wanna go back to sitting in my living room with you
Where we could both be hurt and move on
And accept eachothers scars
You could bite me in the car

When i sit alone and watch the rain
I feel ok cause no ones here to make more pain
But i miss you like hell

Or if it’s all a wash
And time does suck
And timelessness is not enough
Oh well
I just miss you like hell

And if it’s all my fault
Like i feel it is
I know im better than this
But i miss you like hell
Guess it’s just been myself

And when i die
If fire burns my eyes
I’d laugh for a million years then cry
I mean what the hell
How was it true about hell?

And if i fall in love
And i breaks my heart
Is it a nightmare or just a start
I can’t tell

And if i close my eyes
And go to sleep
And don’t ever dream a single dream then oh well
Nothing here for me now
And i miss you like hell

Текст песни (слова) Freedom To Live

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