After The Summer - Humanize Me // Ice Текст песни (слова)

If i found destruction
Would you believe if i said i didn’t want it
If i found salvation
I bet i fight but i go right through the gates
And you didn’t love me
I see that now but i know it makes sense too
I didn’t know you
I thought i did but i never even tried to
I want ruin
But only if its in my style
If i can control the burn
I want destruction
But only if destroy everything causing me pain
I hate existence
But only if i am weak
And i’m so fucking weak
I want forgivness
Cause i think my shit is bigger than all of your pain

I talk to god now
He says he hates me but i know he loves me so
Im like his favorite
At lеast thats what i say and i guess it’s what i hope
I try to hurt him
I used to want to lovе death and i know i did
But i’m not allowed to
Guess that sums up what, what path i took

I hate my sister
I think she scares me cause she never left my side
I love my mother
But i don’t care for her and that’s a big weight to loose
I hate my brother but he’s too cool for me to cut him off right this time
I hate my best friend, i wish that snake had some balls maybe then i’d like

Текст песни (слова) Humanize Me // Ice

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