After The Summer - Snake Bites Текст песни (слова)

Baby, do you even really want me?
I feel fire but I just still got cold feet
If you dirty I need you to come clean
I die inside every time your boy breathe

You lie and you hurt
I say I love you, you treat me like dirt
I say I need you, you say I don’t work
I guess we twins
I guess you win…
If this is it
What was it for? Who the fuck I am?

Baby you nasty, I need you
I fucking hate that it’s real, I do
You make me feel like a week fool
I fucking hate me when I’m with you
Baby lets break up, we’re better as friends
That’s what you said, I agree with you
Fuck it, I’m sick of the bullshit
You let me in, I’m gon’ heal you

You lеt me in, I’m gon’ heal you
You let mе in, I’m gon’ heal you
Baby, I’m sick of the bullshit
You let me in, I’m gon’ heal you

Текст песни (слова) Snake Bites

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