Deep Purple - Dancing In My Sleep Текст песни (слова)

I’m flying through the night
To the rhythm of the street
I don’t know what happened, baby
But my blood rise every time we meet

I come alive
I get the feeling everything will be alright

Lights are pure magenta
There’s something going down
I don’t know what happened, babe
I’m in the right place, my feet don’t touch the ground

To my surprise
I’m all alone
Dancing in my sleep
Oh-yeah, dancing in my sleep

Don’t you love my fancy footwork
I ain’t no Fred Astaire
I can tap into your life, babe
I can take you anywhere

I come alive
Oh, yes I do
I get the feeling (Ahh-ha-ahh)
I come alive (Oh-whoa)
And when I get the feeling, I’m dancing in my sleep
Dancing in my sleep
I’m dancing in my sleep
I’m dancing in my sleep

Текст песни (слова) Dancing In My Sleep

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