Fatal-M - Molotov Rain feat. TUNDRAMANE Текст песни (слова)

Run on a mothafuckas fade
Its the same chains
Never change lanes
Yeah its fatal M tundramane
Run on a mothafuckas fade
Its the same chains
Molotov rain
Bring the pain
Drippin black paint
Cut that fucker deep
I see the secrets that you keepin
Catch me creepin in that camouflage
Break the law
Got you trapped up in my claws
I grab you by the throat
I tear it out
You cannot speak about yo clout
Without a tongue
I hung you out to dry
Your lungs they turn to embers
Late november
Burnin like a sermon
Renegade nightmare
Nightfall unaware
Beware of the consеquences
Dealin with a manifеsted demon
Bust you with that beam
And now you fuckin sleepin
Covered in black
Im decked in death
I pull that ski
Don’t hold yo breath
I break yo neck with that pad lock in a sock
You talk the talk but cannot walk the walk
Splittin like a cinder block
Tundra known for colder aura
Alpha to omega like the ouroboros
Holding all these rituals in cursed forest
Listen for the chorus
When you walkin in the dark
Im a violent mage
Cannot hit me with that sage
Can’t prevent the next phase
Gasp in fear as tundra hits you like the fucking genophage

Текст песни (слова) Molotov Rain lyrics

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