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First off what’s up with all these crooked ass police?
If they working hard then why the fuck they don’t control the streets?
Want to see my brother strong so I don’t condone the beef
Play it safe, I got my chrome, rather you be gone than me
And my kids better than me hope I live long to see
But feel like my past and the devil holding onto me
What’s up with the DAs and the judges?
They don’t owe no blood
Black folks who deserve the chance
But they ain’t show no love
People saying they gon’ change
But they ain’t show no love
Real lives was innocent but they ain’t hold no grudges
Hard to face it wonder, why it’s hard to make it
You grew up with privileges and all this shit we had to take it
You ain’t racist, so when we on the elevator why you shaking?
You ain’t racist, see me in your neighborhood then why you breaking?
You ain’t racist, when I make more money than you why you hate it?
Said I was going to get a warning, officer, then why you take it?
I’m at war with all my brothers but it’s you that taught us hatred
I ain’t racist, I got different color diamonds in my bracelet
Activists mixed with some savages so both of ’em combination
Rich forever, before I go broke you see Ye at nomination
One announcement to make, fellas we need full domination (Full domination)
All our women need safety, gotta make way for them babies (For real)
Hustle smart, don’t make sacrifice and risk just have some patience (Have some patience)
That’s the only way we gon’ gain our respect back in the nation

These our demands
This is how we gon’ make demands
These our demands
Ain’t no asking we demanding (Demanding)
These our demands
Thank you in advance (Thank you)
Time to make demands
Need to change the plans
Make the hood great again (The hood great again)

Let the playgrounds be OK where they can play again (Where they can play)
Shit the neighborhoods ain’t safe enough to raise them in (Damn)
Niggas ain’t got aim, they killing them and grazing kids
For all his homies bitch made they out there praising him (Fuck nigga)
Hopefully one day my raps will end up saving ’em
If we don’t stay accountable this shit won’t never end
Can’t stay in school ’cause our future is inevident
Dropped out, no college, street knowledge what I majored in (Street knowledge)
Can’t be a boy, where I’m from it’s quick to make a man
Blood shed for generations, never make amends
And we hate to lose but nobody never wins (Nobody never wins)
This is a life of failure (Damn)

These our demands
Time to clean the jails up
If you ain’t trying to rot then tell me why you going to jail for?
Change the cycle
Why you wanna write your life through mail for?
If the hood ain’t get you shit but this then what you meant for?
Who you really care for?
Got a daughter down here
These my demands (These my demands)
Investors stack your bread up
These our demands
We need assistance in the gutter
These our demands
Bitch be more sensitive to the struggle
But let’s stop always trying to blame the man (Yeah)
We gon’ stand up to this shit and start to make demands (Make demands)
And we buying back the block cause now we making Ms
So get off your ass and go make a change, ’cause they just keep laughing at us complain while we do the same again
How you expect your life to change if you can’t change within?
And it ain’t perfect but I never may complain again
‘Cause I accept what’s in my life, if it can’t change it stand
But I’ma always have respect and that’s cause I demand it

These our demands
This is how we gon’ make demands (Demands)
These our demands
Ain’t no asking, we demanding (Demanding)
These our demands
Thank you in advance
Time to make demands
Need to change the plans
Make the hood great again

Текст песни (слова) Demands

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