Glass Animals - Melon And The Coconut Текст песни (слова)

Melon and the coconut are sitting on the floor
Coco said to Melly, I can’t do this anymore
Everything we’re doing just feels fucking cold
Everything we’re shooting is just fake b-roll
B-sides killing time filler that’s all
How did this happen when we were so close?
How did this all go so Pete Tong?
When it all started I thought we would grow old
Living in the city with a baby and a dog
Doing school runs in a 4×4
I’d make pancakes and waffles
I could be a stay at home G.I. joe

Melly said to Coco, «You can’t do this anymore?»
One day, you’ll see you’re fucking wrong
Sometimes B-sides are the best songs
Sometimes killing time’s very fruitful

I know I can’t make you younger
I can’t stop life moving onwards
I can’t hide you from life’s horrors
I’m not making you like your father
Too much quinoa and online shopping
Off-white Air Force ones in boxes
You’re a fucking coconut, can’t even put ’em on
Even if you could you couldn’t even pull ’em off

Текст песни (слова) Melon And The Coconut

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