Gorillaz - Machine Bitez #7 Текст песни (слова)

Murdoc, did you see (Something else) the drum kit that she had? The oct-octagonal drum kit, it was amazing, did you see it?

I-I glanced at it, I glanced at it, yes

What-what’d you reckon Noodle?

あの、音楽の才能がめっちゃあるたこやねん (Well, he has a talent for music)

Yeah, it was like a musical beehive

But did you see the light?

The light?

Did you see Peter Hook in the light?
I think his eyeballs are sweating again (Thank you)

His eyeballs are sweating again, ew (They’re not)
Do you need some, um, do you need some antiperspirant for your eyeballs?

Oh, wait a minute. Yeah, they probably are a little bit

Текст песни (слова) Machine Bitez #7

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