Gorillaz - Severed Head feat. Unknown Mortal Orchestra & GoldLink Текст песни (слова)

Soft decay
Soft decay
Soft decay
Soft decay

I’ve been losing everything, yeah
I can’t keep a fuckin’ thing, yeah
Through the money, through the fame
It seems like death controls this thing
Guess my head just left the buildin’
Like out the window, Mr. Ceiling
I cannot explain this feelin’
I never learned to speak Brazilian
Damn, I’m stuck, my body left me bleedin’
Rollin’ train, it’s fast, it’s speedin’ outside
My body gone, I don’t need it, so
I just took another breather, so
I found my torso, I mean my neck go but where do my heart go?
I mean, my leg go but where do my mind go?
I guess I only gotta go when my body go, Geronimo (Stay a little longer)

One iceless mountains that take a lifetime
To climb and dreams, I fly above them
I’m haunted by what I saw last night
On angelic highways waiting in the darkness
I’m on a speeding train
I stick my head out of the carriage window
My cheeks inflate, my eyes become watery
Whoosh, my head is severed
Will you stay a little longer?

Conversations made, but there’s not a thing to make
I don’t really wanna know what you’re tryna make
Dizzy, baby, you can stay for another day
Oh, baby, please
What the doctors, did the doctors say?
[?] wakin’ me
Wakin’ me, how can love [?]
It’s my own bed, my [?]
I’ve been waitin’ sleep to come
I’ve been waitin’ to [?]
I keep wakin’ up
This is supposed to never breakin’ up
Time is up, how much more before my [?] is up

Yeah, uh
The roundabout, the vibe is nice
We all will die
Yeah, I mean the roundabout
Our life is nice, we all will die, right?
Oh, the roundabout, the vibe is nice
We all will die, yeah
Yeah, I mean the whole roundabout
Our life is nice, we all will die, yeah

Текст песни (слова) Severed Head

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