Headhaunter - 2049 Текст песни (слова)

I keep my mind off the bigger picture
Listening to the synthetic purr of the
Engine as rain clouds fill the mirrors
And watch the droplets sneak their way up
On the windshield with the hologram in shock
And then she wonders how the drips feel on her skin
Drift above this neon lit metropolis
I watch the bend without a thought the forward to my origin
All I want’s a drink, I don’t care for program glitches
All these intricate components as my cold hand twitches
And artificial skin
I’m indifferent to these advertisements
Half the time is so called upgrades for a galvanized limb
Cobalt sun rays come through the tint on the spinner’s windows
I just talk with that hologram while passing Nintendo billboards
She tends to flicker when she’s syncing
She winks and says she wishes she was real
I don’t share the same ambitions
Abandoned buildings drift as silhouettes on the skyline
She shrinks in pirouettes on the dash till it’s twilight
She’s enamored by bright lights and her hand points to them all
I just do my job to stop these android coup d’états
She always talks about secrets and missing truths
I just drift of to the sound of the rain as it hits the roof

Текст песни (слова) 2049

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