Headhaunter - International Assassin Текст песни (слова)

Yeah, the international assassin
A shadow more loyal than any animal companion
From rabbit hole to canyon I’m tracking down all the targets
Regardless of how well hidden, no matter how strong their guard is
Sub-rosa cutthroat business dealt with utmost precision
Any whiff of suspicion is quickly quelled with some smoke and mirrors
Appear out the darkness, the unknown factor is me
Slow and stagger any progress of goals with a cloak and dagger technique
They’re all trapped in the scope
Turn these contracts into ghosts to every contact in their phone
Interlope and invade, gain entry to their home and headspace
Staked out on his road for ten days.. or a decade, I don’t know
This operation began quite a while ago
Weaving in between raindrops and intertwining lightning bolt
I brought the void to him, and now he’s floating like a stone
With a spotlight on his foibles and it holds him by the throat
Yeah, the international assassin
Personified by any actual distraction
Inaction incarnate like a tranquilizer dart
The quiet art of sabotage before the atomizing starts
I rifled through his dreams and I shot a couple down
It left a bullet in his foot and I don’t think he dug it out
Nah, it’s not a subtle sound
When his skin begins to sizzle in the drippings from the clouds
I’m no martial arts expert keen on rolling sleeves up
Not a chemical agent that steeps in royal tea cups
I’m not the glint on the rooftop, not rubber gloves and garrotes
I’m not a cyanide capsule that ruptures once I’ve been caught

Nah, I’m your incognito tabs and all night gaming sessions
I’m the doubt you’re mired in, I’m your faulty pain receptors
From the fullest moon to waning crescent
I’m the list of things you have to do, you chip away it remains at the same percentage
I make the effort, technically I’m the savior
Stealthily shield a mark from an embarrassment or failure
Label me an enabler of lackadaisical behavior
Prey on the terror of having their work compared to the favourite
So he lives inside these crosshairs rent free
Lost where fog’s thick and long stares can’t see
Through the stress and anxiety that gradually builds in his mind
And that’s why his thoughts there sent me
I’m the —

Текст песни (слова) International Assassin

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