JPEGMAFIA - FEED HER! Текст песни (слова)

I went to crib [?] money, no bitch and no [?] but what is you doin’ with me?
I be looking at these [?] like what is you doin’? It must be the [boomer ?] in me
Words pop out these niggas, [is ?] I know they pussy as fuck and we never gon’ meet
[?] my kin better, my shit never jam, nigga, I’m used to the heat (Facts)
These niggas don’t know how to score, they just setting the screen
Fuck what you do for the others, but what is you doing for me?
How I stay in your mind, lil’ bitch, and we still ain’t meet?
My bitch same color as Davy’s
I put pause on a nigga like [?]
I spit bars like I never get sleep
How did I move in your mind rent-free?
Huh, taxing a lease
I become Prince Ali, you minimum wage, I’m Prince Hakeem
It’s thirty, you alt-right trolls ain’t worthy
I stay, your mind is working (Uh)
You have no worthless hurting
Don’t know when these niggas in person (Nah)
Never step outside, just lurkin’

Ooh, ooh-yeah

Oh that’s you, I be for certain
My Kimber my main bitch, but yeah, me and my car be flirting
Be careful where you stay, I let my [prints ?] stay nervous
Stay by, stand back, stay earning, uh
When one of these crackers get brave and I put Kimbers to their face
Y’all better thank me for my service, my world different, I’m Kyrie Irving
Niggas be bitchin’, they have no purpose
Testing my patience, I’m going to search you
Running a clinic and feeding the nurses
Miracle bars, you wrapping a turban
Noble savage, I’ma Maria Minerva
Baby, I feel like a servant, it’s not like I don’t deserve it
Patience, trust, gotta earn it
Grab my baby, came back to [?]
I feel as dripped and I’m nervous, how [?]
How it feels when I bring up your memory
Ooh, you feelin’ me now, keep callin’ [?] from his house
The pressure on pile, all these sticks, I just can’t put it down
Now I hear ’bout my name in your mouth
All that money, he still on my couch
What that smell like? Bar
I’m a thot that was never in doubt
They love me ’cause I spin on them messy
They fuck you ’cause you giving them clout
Fuck a girl, make a beat on my couch
On the road to them riches, I’m laughing
‘Cause I keep running into your- (Uh)
How I keep running into your exes
I keep texting your shit, get the message
Feed her

Текст песни (слова) FEED HER!

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