JPEGMAFIA - PANIC ROOM! Текст песни (слова)

It’s alright

Don’t work at the church of Mr. Miyagi
Put your worth on my box, I’m catching a body
You don’t slide, [?] my style (Cool)
We cuttin’ a cop
[?], I’mma pop as a zombie
When I tour I feel like booty talk, seventeen
I been walking dead for too long, for too many seasons
[?] too raw, for too many reasons
I’m just trying to get a bag
[?] in this industry, creatively [?] (Damn)
When I scream I crack an Audi [?]
Shake my head at night [?] working on my stances
Kegels, I gotta keep this pussy tight
This passion inside got no sequels
Peggy fine, no equals
I’m running through these [?] to find a beat as good as people
Give that bitch an elbow
How Peggy only five-nine, his dicks as big as [?]
[?] feed you, [?] all day gon’ eat you
All doggies die at point range, this flick ain’t got no sequel
You choke, I can’t peel through
Banana [?] gon’ peel, monkey business to major move
Put ’em in the sky with a anxious groove
Sucka ass nigga, I ain’t playin’ with you
Damn boy, who playin’ with you?
[?] stay with you
[?] these niggas like [?]
Yeah, I got these niggas looking like [?], yeah

Okay, karma is a funny bitch, she gonna find you
All the things you said ran through my head like tattoos
You ain’t gotta act like you ain’t speaking comfortable
No I don’t want your consent, nigga I’mma pull this dick on you
No we ain’t gon’ work it out, who do I look like, [?]
If you do be wanna catch your man then he responsible, take two
De La Soul [?]
I was thinking we was cool
Call this nigga with autotune
Baby you’re looking like a fool

Текст песни (слова) PANIC ROOM!

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