Kanye West - Freestyle with Forbes 02 Текст песни (слова)

Robert Kardashian, before, now I’m not sayin’
If O.J. did it, or O.J. did not do it, I do not know
But I know that when I lived in my father’s house
And I saw that verdict come, as a Black person
We felt that it was a victory
For all of the times that a Black person was wrongfully accused
And sentenced to death, execution in thirty states
Thirty states still execute, thou shall not kill
Thou shall not spill human blood for your own excuse
Now we walk through the residue
Put God out the better schools
Now look what we headed to
Wash us in the blood, rain down on us
Wash us in the blood of Jesus
Okay, now go ahead
So you’re against the death penalty?
Thou shall not kill

Текст песни (слова) Freestyle with Forbes 02

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