Kazaky - Inside My Body Текст песни (слова)

Work hard dance hard
Hey  listen babe I’m about to start
Lift  up push down
Snap your fingers and turn around
One two three four
Watch  me doing this on the floor
Four  three two one
Tonight is the night it’s going down

Lose  control
On the dance floor

I just want to feel that beat inside my body

I  know you wanna touch me
I know you wanna play with me
I’m on my way
It’s game

Fabulous moves
I’m up on my heels it’s my kinda shoes
When I’m in the dance I got nothing to lose
I slay babe, slay babe‚ slay babe

Everything around me
Makes me wanna be with you
If you would allow me
I’d stay and dance tonight with

Текст песни (слова) Inside My Body

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