Kehlani - Belong To The Streets Skit Текст песни (слова)

Always got a different nigga though, bruh, like, we get it (Yeah)
She always got a different nigga? (Ayy, look, ayy)
Y’all got a problem with her always having a different nigga?
It just be so fast
It’s-it’s your business?
I don’t got a, I don’t got a problem with it
It’s your business? It’s your business? Is this your business?
I don’t got, I don’t got a problem with it, I’m just saying, though
It just be so fast
I mean she be—she make it our business by posting that shit everywhere
I mean
She should’ve never asked me about Halsey when she don’t even talk to me (Hahaha)
Now it’s everybody’s business, this shit public business now
All I’m saying is, all I’m saying is
It’s not even her business no more, it’s all our business
So, so basically you saying she don’t belong to these niggas
She belong to the streets?
To the streets

Текст песни (слова) Belong To The Streets Skit

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