Little Simz - damn right Текст песни (слова)

Japanese markings on my skin (that’s the right)
Medicinal herbs inside my lungs (in my chest, yeah)
I’ll be here for however long I want to (I want)
Figured I’ll be done before it’s done (wanna [?])
Don’t pretend you miss me when it comes (don’t lie)
Look me in my eyes and hold a stare (hold my gaze now)
Oh how great it feels that we is winning (we is winning fam)
No escalators, we took the stairs (took the stairs, yeah)
Analog, yeah we’re in a digital world, damn right (yeah)
Cash replaced with numbers on a screen, yeah right (yeah)
Say that you’re hot and then demand, yeah right (yeah)
Leave me on this so we can work out a fair price (true)
He used to tell me where I can go (who are you?)
I kiss my teeth and roll up my tobacco ([?])
Never miss when I put pen to paper (no, no)
Simbi never running out of ammo

Inner city child, inner city problems (problems, problems)
We ain’t have no guide book on how to solve em (solve em, solve em)
Used to hit the clutch straight into first
Now I ride automatic through the place I was birthed (true, true)
Full gassed and I skeet ’round the curve (right, serve)
Up now, true I been through the worst (woah)
Up now, everybody wants something (why, why)
Being here is a gift and a curse (true, true)
Man ain’t step, back at the line, you cannot be first (oh yeah)
That’s not how it works, little fuck boy, don’t get on my nerves ([?])
But you I believe, I tried the mosque and I tried the church (tried the church)
Now I’m just spiritual, I had to think about what I was living for (yeah, yeah)
How on Earth did I speak to the masses (how the hell)
Easiest song that I made was a classic (true story)
They get fifty minutes here and then they vanish (on god)
Are you embarrassed? That shit’s embarrassing

Текст песни (слова) damn right

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