Mark Lanegan - Ketamine Текст песни (слова)

Lord, give me some ketamine so I can feel alright
To plant my flag on distant shores and take me through the night
‘Cause if I had a razor, I would cut you everywhere
Then I’d walk the whole of Earth with a thousand mile stare

All I got was awful news in every letter I was sent
And all my life my spirit child was broken and was bent
Now, if I was a billionaire, no, it wouldn’t make me blue
I’d build myself a bullet train and run straight over you

Yeah Lord, give me some ketamine so I can feel alright
To hide my true dark nature and to keep it out of sight
‘Cause if I had a rifle, I’d shoot straight up in the air
And watch you fall back down to Earth with a wild-eye graveyard stare

Текст песни (слова) Ketamine

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