Moses Sumney - In Bloom Текст песни (слова)

In the meantime, we’ll get it straight
I hope our friendship can recuperate
Cause I’ve held you in place
Of a wife, in the space
A spouse would hold
Only with you I’m safe

In bloom with room to grow
I’m only watering the seeds you sowed
In my heart, in my chest
Six feet beneath the flesh
When you held my hand
But you sighed BFF

I hope you’re not another supplement
For absent relationships, cause
When we’re close
In a car
Or in a store
Or in a bar
Sometimes I want to kiss my friends

You don’t want that… do ya?
You just want someone to listen to ya
Who ain’t tryna screw ya
(Ooh yea)
I swear I want that too, yeah
I just want someone to listen to me
Who ain’t tryna do me

As the night becomes dawn
You and I become one
You take my face in palm
And call me the morning sun

Текст песни (слова) In Bloom

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