Nahko And Medicine For The People - Lifeguard Текст песни (слова)

I hold my breath
I hold my breath

For humanity’s sake
For the way we hold the space
For every color, every race
Or political taste
I’ve my head above the water
I’ve my arms limp at my side
What a habit, what a waste
To take take take

Take more than you need
An unconscious thing
Many have been silenced
But, I have come to sing

La de di di di di…

Soon to exhale
Soon to set sail

There are men who cast their nets
In search of purpose and respect
Coming back with emptiness
Forgetting all their privileges
I watch them pass on the sidewalk
I drink my coffee write my thoughts
Check the weather check my watch
Waiting for the sun to drop

So I can start a fire
And signal all the plain
The world’s about to shift again
And we’ll never be the same

La de di di di di…

We oughta take things
Far more personal
What do we stand for
And is it salvageable?

La de di di di di…

Текст песни (слова) Lifeguard

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