Nicki Minaj - Chi-Raq feat. G Herbo Текст песни (слова)

Mmm, uhh

Ain’t yellin’ cut, when it’s shootin’ time
Sign up, it’s recruitin’ time
Big wigs, with a suit and tie
And them big things got two inside
Fuck wrong wit’ these ho niggas?
Don’t do coke, I don’t blow niggas
I don’t tell niggas, I show niggas
And it’s never less than like four niggas
(Four-four) Four wings and some french fries
Hot sauce and ketchup nigga
He telling and he hiding
But real niggas still catch a nigga
Cop Raris? I don’t test drive ’em
Home theaters, can’t Best Buy ’em
These niggas that I roll with
Don’t let a single thing get by ’em
King pins and them drug lords
Chi-Town, no gun laws
Broke bitches that talk shit?
Now them the bitches I stunt for
Malcolm X daughter, came at me
Lookin’ ass niggas ain’t happy
Rolled out with some Latin Kings
And some eses in ’em plain khakis
Smack bitches, no smack cam
Closed fists, no back hands
Pop pussy on a hand stand
They suckin’ dick like it’s band camp
Call Webb and then call Nitti
Queens niggas in, it’s all hoodies
Kidnappin’ and then rob niggas
Call D-Roc for a biggie
Pussy ass little rap niggas
I fucked with real trap niggas
Pop star, icon
But I send niggas, come snatch niggas
I’m with EBK, you on EBT
Got a black nine, call it BET
School niggas, get a GED
And I tease niggas, make em B-E-G
Got a money fetish, I’ma fly to Venice
Got a big house, I can play some tennis
Lil Herb, what’s good?
I’m a bad bitch and I fuck good

Know a couple niggas that’s down to ride for a homicide
When it’s drama time
Run up on a nigga with the llamas flyin’
Leave his loved ones all traumatized
1-50, I’m really with it
I’ll drop his ass and then forget it
I’m the man ’round my side of town
Might see a bitch and forget I hit it

I’m a young nigga, I be gettin’ money
Take your bitch from you
And these niggas don’t get no respect
I’ma stay 100 ’til I’m six under
Matter fact, I gotta keep it 150
For every nigga that’s gon’ come with me
I’m on Roc Block with a new semi
And a blue Bentley, it do 160
Smoke a lot a of weed, l

Текст песни (слова) Chi-Raq

Nicki Minaj — О́ника Та́ня Мара́ж-Пе́тти, известная под псевдонимом Ни́ки Мина́ж — американская певица, рэпер, автор песен и актриса.

Дата рождения: 8 декабря 1982 года, Сейнт Джеймс, Порт-оф-Спейн, Тринидад и Тобаго

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