polnalyubvi - It’s Not Me Текст песни (слова)

It’s not me

We are alone and evening city light
Ran away from home to the starry sky
You afraid that she will break(say)
Please don’t wake me up again

Is not me? it is she

Now you see two shadows, they’re alive
All your torment, all your lies
She was perfect she was kind
You can’t get her of your mind

Is not me? it is she

You play foul play
Change your gloves like i change my darts
That I throw in our past
Now will be a precise attack

It’s not me it is she
Who broke your hart

Текст песни (слова) It’s Not Me

polnalyubvi — российская поп-исполнительница Марина Демещенко

Дата рождения: 13 февраля 2000 года, Санкт-Петербург

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