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One day you will find your own words
Tell me how it feels
Your heart is like mine full of sins
I will never be another) guy
My dreams are deep inside me
My fear is not about dying
Ouh maybe you can stop things
But you will never stop me
Oh you can’t even start this
Only god can forgive me
And my sun is still shining
And my road is waiting for me

My heart is not a playground for you
I just feel my daylight
Tell me why I can’t sleep at night
You don’t know what I m fighting for
We are just keeping minds low
We are just waisting time girl
Maybe this is a sun stroke
I’m running from this life clock
My bright side can’t kill the dark
Tell me this again
All things are stay the same
But now I know
Love is not a game

Текст песни (слова) What

Rozhden (Rozhden Anusi) — артист лейбла Meladze Music, певец и композитор, творчество которого подкупает своей искренностью и индивидуальностью. По мнению Константина Меладзе, один из самых перспективных и талантливых музыкантов современности.

Дата рождения: 18 февраля 1989 года, Одесса, Украина

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