Sleaford Mods - Jolly Fucker Текст песни (слова)

Promote yourself, look like a cunt
Vodka parties. Cushioned walls in a shit club
I ‘ain’t bothered where it goes, I’ve got a job
I’ll rot away in the aisles of the Co-op mate, no prob
French Fancies, Mr Kipling, acid dances
Let’s laugh at local record plants
Elitist hippies, arrogant cunts, Ian Beale, tight trunks
Tight pants, grammar wanker. Walk the plank, pirate mankey
Sixty kids, where’s mine? Wasting money on shit coffee all the time
Fish fingers, take the batter off. I can’t believe you had kids. Fuck off!

Jolly fucker! Jolly fucker! Jolly fucker! Mr Jolly Fucker!

Lamp Light Boogie. Re-press, re-press
Bus cunt. Move then, mate. Move for fucks sake!
The machine goes bleep. Ticketless. Sheep
Baa baa crack sheep. Have you any rock?
EDL twat. Tommy used to work on the dock. Union went all white. He fuckin’ loved it
Take it down, there. Take it down, there. Camouflage. Humpty Dumpty. Crusades
Blood on the hands of working class rage

Jolly fucker! Jolly fucker! Jolly fucker! Mr Jolly Fucker!

Why do I walk on City and Guilded splinters?
Digital time boards on the new Public Shitters
Soft dips in hard roads. Curry Night. I’d better watch my words
Two Pint Bull and loads of Office Turds
Push in. Don’t push me! I was here first, you cunt! Can’t you fuckin’ see?

Jolly fucker! Jolly fucker! Jolly fucker! Mr Jolly Fucker!

Текст песни (слова) Jolly Fucker

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