The Airborne Toxic Event - I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore Текст песни (слова)

It’s late now, I think I’m going need this
So what, you say you had your reasons
Our faces frozen on the highway
No turning back, no turning back
It’s just you and me, kid, against the world, now
They’re after us, they’re after us
Now you want to tell me something, something?
I don’t want to hear about nothing, nothing
I don’t want to hear about nothing

Hey now, I don’t want to be here now
All this silence is driving me out of my mind
Hey, mama, wave bye bye, we ain’t ever going see that big blue sky
No one’s ever going to believe us, leave us
Now you want talk about Jesus? Jesus?
Now you want to talk about Jesus?

Hey now, I don’t want to know nothing about
All these curious phrases falling out of your mouth
‘Cause I’ve been running, I’ve been running, now, 15 years I’ve had it coming
You tell me that you want to know my story?
I promise you it’s boring, boring
Hey, little brother, want to know why
He caught a thirty-inch club right across his eye?

And now you want to be my father, father?
Tell me why’d you even bother, bother?
Tell me why’d you even bother

Can I just look out the window?
Where are the people I used to know?

Hey now, what’s everybody screaming about?
It’s going be fine if you put it out of your mind
But I’ve been screaming, I’ve been falling
I hear their voices calling calling
You tell me that we’re going to be okay
We got 15 hours and 15 days

I don’t want to be here anymore…

Текст песни (слова) I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore

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