The Alchemist - Afterschool Текст песни (слова)

It’s like, you know what I liken it to?
I liken it to just joking around in the schoolyard
You know, I guess, you know you say, like, you and your mates, I guess, like, you know
Like, afterschool thing where one person makes one joke, and then you add on to that joke, and then somebody else comes in and says, «Yeah, like this, haha,» and then he turns it to like a whole, a whole stream of jokes based on, like, on one topic
Except I’m myself and I’m my mates all in one just joking around in my head
So, each one I come up with I’ll write down
But they tend to come faster, it’s like conversation
Like that old, like, homeless guy who’s laughing to himself
He’s probably doing the same thing without a notebook

Текст песни (слова) Afterschool

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