The Alchemist - Blowing Your Mind Out Текст песни (слова)

— There’s restaurants like this in Vegas. Sometimes they try to create it
— Where? Vegas?
— Yeah, like, they create, like, you know, they make, like, themed restaurants and stuff. Like, you know, this is the real deal, like, you can tell what they’re copying. You know what I’m sayin’? Brick wall…
— Alright, let’s eat, huh. Let’s drink something
— You’re mine now, you’re mine now, you’re mine now
— Good throw, Mayhem, good throw
— You’re mine now
— Done with this shit
— The best fish to me tastes nothing like fish
— That’s a good idea
— Let’s make a sandwich on toasted garlic bread
— What the fuck?
— Is it a dessert? Like, what is it?
— You can eat it anytime you want
— You’re mine now, you’re mine now
— We’re eating ridiculous and describing it in ridiculous manners
— Son, this shit messed up here. Tastes like air freshener
— This is life, right?
— Uh, yeah, this is definitely part of life
— It’s time to build, make a little sandwich
— Just eat it
— I tried it
— No, you didn’t
— I tried
— You did not try it
— Rewind the tape
— You did not taste it, you just tasted a little bit
— I did
— Get the fuck outta here
— I won’t bite you, it’s dead
— This one
— What am I eating?
— You didn’t try that, you did not, that was fire right there
— Here, here, let me sprinkle a few
— I sprinkled it
— Okay
— Crazy but it’s fire

Текст песни (слова) Blowing Your Mind Out

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