The Alchemist - I Hate Everything feat. Action Bronson Текст песни (слова)

No, I don’t want that
I don’t like that

Been around the world, I’m not impressed
(I’m not impressed)
I’ve been around the world, I’m not impressed
Three Michelin stars, I’m not impressed
(I’m not impressed)
I hate everything (Uh)
I’m the food villain (Uh, err)
Alchemist (Err)
The food villain (Err, err)
(Motherfucker) (Err)
Got me a ride or die bitch like Magic Johnson’s wife
I wish my parents named me Constantine (Yes)
Found out Johnny got left in a dumpster, it wasn’t a shock to me
(Not to me)
(It’s unbelievable) (Al, you heard what he just said?)
I never was on a soccer team (Never)
One time, I swear (Fuck)
And I ended that quickly (I hate everything)
I ended it quickly
It’s the food villain (Food villain)
They never let me play
No, I don’t want that

— Just eat it, just eat it
— I tried it
— No, you didn’t
— It was fire
— You did not try it
— Rewind the tape
— You didn’t not taste it
— I did
— It won’t bite you, it’s dead
— This one
— Go ahead and try that
— That was fire right there
— It was fire

Текст песни (слова) I Hate Everything

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