The Alchemist - Lamb Sauce Текст песни (слова)

— Where’s the lamb sauce?
— Come on, man
— I’m starting to get pissed
— You know, watching you cook this, was, just a letdown
— That is one of the worst meatloafs I’ve ever eaten
— I’m supposed to eat this? Really?
— What’s going on?
— I already know what’s going on, it looks dangerous
— Are you walking off with my cup?
— Where’s his cup?
— Oh, here comes more
— I didn’t do the duck. I did it all. I’d already eaten duck. I tried it, it just didn’t taste good. It tasted like a shawarma, eh
— Walk around, walk around. He was doing his job well but I could just see in his eyes the whole time, he just wished that he was playing with a little drum machine while smoking a cigarette
— Ooh, I watched him put the fresh custard in there with the Italian cherries…

Текст песни (слова) Lamb Sauce

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