The Alchemist - Skeptical About Goat Текст песни (слова)

— It’s coming, it’s coming. Al is getting turnt up right now. He’s trying to have the vicious starting. He’s heating up, I feel it. It’s coming. Some good shit’s coming
— Why he is ordering so many alcoholic beverages?
— Hahaha
— You know I’m skeptical about goat
— Oh, go ahead
— All that fancy shit…
— Commentary…
— You know I’m skeptical
— I don’t know, Bron’, Alchemist might got you one this one
— He did his thing?
— This was his
— It’s not that good
— It’s not that bad
— That doesn’t look good
— But how does it eat? You don’t look at it
— Ah
— Come on
— How does it eat?
— He’s a villain; he’s a villainous person
— Sorry, Al. I like Al but I would trade his friendship for a good oyster
— Hey, I’d all his friendship for a hit

Текст песни (слова) Skeptical About Goat

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