The Jayhawks - Down To The Farm Текст песни (слова)

I know that it’s time and I know that the signs aren’t lying
I woke up and prayed the dreams fade away and I’m crying

It’s too cold to be living so long
In a world ruled by the young
There’s a limo outside to take me down to the farm

I watched you today as you got up and left with the sun
Your lips had their say and your hips had their sway like a song

We’re too old to be singing that song
They don’t want us dragging you down
There’s a limo outside to take us down to the farm

The freedom of night and the softness of life has me falling
The caravan’s gone with the bang of a gong now just silence

It’s so peaceful and quiet and gray
I think I’ll just lie here today
There’s a big black car gonna take me off to the farm
There’s a big black car gonna take me off to the farm

Текст песни (слова) Down To The Farm

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