$UICIDEBOY$ - Bingo feat. Tommy Cash Текст песни (слова)

Zuma Zuccenberg (Zuma Zuccenberg)
I’m iceberg (I’m iceberg)
Is on heart (Is on heart)
Cash is the world (Cash)

Brand new banger
Zu-, zu-, zu-, zu

[?] job [?] (Uh-uh)
Need a roof, a mafia (Mafia) [?] Al capone (Uh-uh)
Razer Motorola ringing (Ring-ring) [?] karaoke can singing
[?] on your ring [?]
I’m not taking a picture (Dick)
Let’s start normal [?] (Oooh!)
Take you on adventure
[?] (Lala-lala)
Sixty years [?]
One [?] my shit (Hey, shit)
[?] pussy [?] dick
When you can hide like El Chapo
Everyone [?] keppy-keppy
[?] fake (Fake!)
Over ride on the plastic
[?] bitch, yeah
I would call you nasty (Boom!)

Zuma Zuccenberg (Zuma Zuccenberg)
I’m iceberg (I’m iceberg)
Is on heart (Is on heart)
Cash is the world (Cash is the world)
Zuma Zuccenberg
Zu-, zu-, zu-, zu-

Pussy my way feel like Tommy Cash
Sicky sicky sick, fuck a bitch gash
Gucci Prada diamond ring in my phone
Five bottles in my wrapper three bursted crackas
Five in a blizzard shook by sipping sizzurp
Smoking dead blunts stuck jacking up
And hella PCP paranoid shit
Drugged up junkie leper in the flesh
Business sick as fuck, eyes pick shut
Tip toeing at force — bitch, that’s why I got this
Suicidal mind, got my letters with us
Hammer time, hammer time, make it, GUH GUH
Got that super soaker, look at my shine
Hammer time and my nose dancin’ on the (???)
Hammer time, what’s up mane
Die! Die! Die!

La-la la-la la lala lala
Aaaah laaa laaa
Hot shit! Ho-ho-hot shit!
Zu-, zu-, zu-, zu-

Put the chrome to my dome
Coma keep my chromosomes
Fuck a throne, all these clones
Think they’re kings inside they phone (Hahahaha)
All these bitches fucking moan
But I say greet my pheromones
All these bitches fucking grown
But I say get it on your own, uh, uh
Never change (Nope), this I know (Yup)
$uicide in my until I fucking choke
Competition, who I don’t know
Same shit, different day
Same names, different jokes
Same (shade), different (pope)
Same bitch, different hoe, uh (Yeah, hoe)
Always me (Always me), but I got the fucking (flick) behind me
30MGS, that needs to be like tripled at least
It’s on the each (It’s on the each), I’ll leave them all to their own defeat
Take a seat (Sit down) and now we chopping cherry trees
Rock hard diamond, you can suck my (marijuana teeth)

Текст песни (слова) Bingo

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