Unknown T - One Time Текст песни (слова)

Yeah EPO bizz boy

Go round there set it one time
I’mma tug on my block
Man cut thru countless times
You can get touched, chat shit and deny
How many man on your team been dipped like fries?
Its sad, I can’t lie but I gotta take risks and try
Man stepped with two young G’s, that’s Didz and Eyes
Man dump on beats and still take trips sometimes
If you slip on your block then we gotta make siblings cry
My team’s that peak and beat off streets
Don’t scream, we ain’t searching right
Man creep on your block
Cah we step with pokes on bikes get X in the bait moonlight
Things and stuff get popped when doors get bussed
So more time we’re searching right
And he ain’t known in the bizz but chats ’bout the bitch like [?]
Man you know that the ting’s on-sight
When he got dipped, he was walking dead like Dwight
The beef gets peak and it’s been that way, no [?]
Bally on me, you’re a blacked out T
Come back, I’m swinging my arms and cheff
Test my right hand, you know I back beef
If you ‘ear that click, it’s a violence sneeze
Step back, no patience cah retaliation be applied as heat
If you pop L’s, what’s poppin’ my G?
Ain’t no way man’s squashin’ the beef
Back up my shank and dug up your lads
I suggest you fall back
Slap that gauge in the dinga, my drilla been aiming at hats
Burst in small cah your squaddie is my favourite hobby
Man best duck from the wap
Mind out where you steppin’
Hats gon’ run then we burst off waps
This bruck back gets ringy
Still tryna burst off backs
Stuff them shells in the skeng, reverse it back at that batch
If you roll with your yat and you’re buck into the gang
Tell your bitch don’t lack
We still rise up, tryna burst up hats
No point tryna deny your face in the vids
You can still get dipped in the back, don’t lack
Shit the 9’ers done it again
2.2 in the ding dong waze
The bitch shoulda took that skeng
This shit ain’t done for the clout
Lowkey we properly knife up them
They saw us crash and they dashed on ten
Ten toes on their flat
If you roll with their batch
Don’t lack if you seen with them
Don’t think cause I did mans rap that I’m dimming the beat of the wap
Behind closed doors we’re beatin’ back
Fuck if you come out of jail, we bang them shells
We’re your riders at?
Pull up and creep
We don’t speak, we’re the silent batch
Bitch boy fuck all your chit and your chat
We supply that blem
Rise at them
Bruk down two’s or we bruk down four’s
We can pop at them
Free up the guys in pen
We supply that blem
Rise at them
Bruk down two’s or we bruk down four’s
We can pop at them
Free up the guys in pen

Текст песни (слова) One Time

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