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1, 6, 1, 6
You can get dropped if you chill on the fence
Buck in to yutes, they scutter
Paigons know that the beef’s intense

I can’t lie, bein’ a G gets hard
I mean bein’ a G gets tense
One day, I’ll be chillin’ with bae
Next day, I’m locked in a ding with chefs
You can get dropped if you chill on the fence
Buck in to yutes, they scutter
Paigons know that the beef’s intense
The Rambo’s long, of course you’re stressed
My young G’s still stab wounds through their flesh
My Opps in hell, get smoke through your chest
You was a top boy now your T-shirt’s red, ments
How many opps been cheffed?
This ain’t a sweet life when there’s waps on deck
This life’s still sweet ‘cah we patterned the beef
And his bitch still flingin’ her breast
See, I’m a tug boy, you can leave man dead
The youngest tug on the block with skengs
See I’m a tug boy, I don’t move like them
See, I cut through the Nine
Tryna cut you a nine but this Barbie under a ten
Shit, man can’t be bothered again
Mets complain I’m robbin’ again
This yute boy try give profit to Ken
Guess where he got poked? Reverse the word Ken
Everyone’s beefin’ the Nine, I’m baffled
Boom off with a brush, no Basil
If you want beef with my block, let’s battle
I think we left teeth on the floor, I’m rattled
Opp block trip with a shank on my hip
On the stage, it’s a blade near my ankle
I’ve had flicks and waps in the rave
When I’m dodgin’ the Jakes, no case, I’m thankful
This white boy said he wants cocaine
So I bought Air 1’s in a box, I’m thankful
Pull up in a yard with trees, this room’s full of weed
I’m grabbin’ a handful
On my Jacks, man rise with a chinger
Or I’m with gang in a whip, that’s manual
You got touched but you claim you’re a driller
You don’t want smoke you’re cancelled
Woosh, woosh, cancelled
I said you don’t want smoke, you’re cancelled
Upsuh, I’m with a white pebs like Hansel
My Nine boys too lit like candles
Any problems on my strip, man handle
Dice man up with a steel, no Banglez
I said, dice man up with a steel, no Banglez

1, 6, 1, 6

Текст песни (слова) Tug Boy

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