YN Jay - Plastic Surgery feat. Lil Pump Текст песни (слова)

(Enrgy made this one)
Ooh, Jet
Like how the— you little bitch
I’m just tryna figure out, you kniw

Bad bitch, but her breath stank, she need Colgate
How the fuck you got a crooked face, but your nose straight? (Ooh)
Left his brains splattered on the wall, looked like old paint
Damn, I think this bitch got plastic surgery, is your nose fake?

The only place I ever took a bitch out was a Subway (Huh?)
Brand new Dior jacket from the runway (Ooh)
I learned how to cook crack at a young age (Whip)
Sellin’ pussy out of OnlyFans, fuck a back page (Damn)

I just beat this bitch doonies down, made my back ache
Damn, I gotta drink a little wock to make me rap straight (Wocky)
I just pulled up with a ski mask with a black cape
Still I be the realest nigga ever if I act fake

Fuck it, I’ma go hit this bitch with my socks off (Fuck)
Had three bitches suckin’ dick up at Topgolf (Huh?)
Poured a [?] Wakanda then I started noddin’ off (Wakanda)
I just bought an AR-15 at the Aloft (Baow, baow, baow)

Freak bitch give me good head, it was all top
Nigga, you ain’t finna use that gun, you a mall cop
Bitch suck dick so long— ah
Bitch suck dick so long, make her jaws lock

I just poured a [?], ’bout to fall out (Wow)
Walk in your baby mama’s house with my cock out
Brought a draco with a hundred round drum to the stake house
I be takin’ bitches to McDonalds, I don’t do dates now

Tried to catch a play in the woods, make my call drop
All them freak bitches at the shows, I bring ’em all out
I just left the pit off the leash, let my dog out
I just paid my nigga Lucho bound, let my dawg out (Woah)

I’ma beat my bitch’s ass if she talk to random people (Huh?)
MAC-10’s, F&N’s and the Desert Eagle (Damn)
I think I got gonorrhea, doc bring a needle (Don’t tell ’em)
Huh, rockstar, just like the fuckin’ Beetles (Yeah)

Left my lil’ cousin at the crib, he be scammin’ people
Big gun, bitch go «Boom,» I be blammin’ people (Boom)
Bitch got some saggy ass titties, she got granny issues
Nigga got a little ass stick, that’s your granny’s pistol

If you ain’t suckin’ dick, I might as well just dismiss you
Had the gang nut on her face and she just kissed you (Ugh)
Boogers on my neck, achoo, pass me a tissue (Achoo)
Pull up on your block, boom, baow, with a damn missile

Nigga, you ain’t got no gun, that’s your mans pistol
Nigga died in other people’s beef, that’s your mans issue
Hundred thousand— ah, fuck
Hundred thousand dollars in my pants, I got band issues
I just pulled up with a drumline, keep a band with you
AK-47 with the drum, I ain’t playin’ with you
I just wanna fuck you then I’m gone, I ain’t stayin’ with you
I don’t ever cuddle with no bitch, I ain’t layin’ with you

No fat ho’s allowed in my bedroom (No)
Janky ass nigga, I got like twenty-two face tattoos
You could fuck the homie, on God, I ain’t mad at you (Yeah)
My grandma eighty-five and she still is a proustite (Yeah)
Had three ho’s suckin’ my dick in a dog cage
You ever bought a Glock .45 in a Barclays?
Had my bitch fuckin’ bitches, she go both ways (Both ways)
Send her home in a Greyhound, fuck an airplane (Nyoom)

Send her home in a fuckin’ Greyhound, fuck an airplane

Текст песни (слова) Plastic Surgery

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