Yosh - Hollow Текст песни (слова)

I would be lost, drifting along
Floating up high time after time
And there you’d be shining brightly
Your smiling face to guide my way
Bloody and bruised, brought to my knees
When beaten down, when broken up
You would appear, reach out to me
Heal every wound and make me whole

Was it all a dream, will I ever know
Foolish and blind to everything
Had I realized, had I thought it through
Would you be here in my embrace

Shine bright once more
Guide me to you
Smile bright once more
This time I will never let you go

With your every smile hiding something more
Dark mysteries lurking beneath
But I was consumed with this emptiness
This selfishness, this void to fill

Hear me once more
Show me your smile
This time for sure
I’ll see the truth hidden inside your tears

But I, I know
That you’re long gone
But I, I will
Go on howling and hollow

Текст песни (слова) Hollow

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