Zion Tabias - Less is More Текст песни (слова)

Give em chills when they hear my name
Thoughts make em go insane
Like I’m riding mulsanne
I don’t swerve out this lane
Big body both lanes
Big body both bang

(And she got an S on it)
’S’ on her chest
(She ah she ah)
’S’ on my chest and I’m super gunnin’ (yea)
S.S. vroomin’ nigga
Yea I’m super comin’ (S.S.)
Yea that mean I’m super somethin’

Saying that I’m nothin’ though (yea yea)
You be frontin’ though
Knock on my front door
Tell me what you wantin’ though

Baby is you mine now?
Let me relax your spine now
Let me tell you somethin’ though
I’m a real stunna for you
No Stunna 4 Vegas
No baby I’m a big player
I’m big major

Let me get your pager
Call me when you outside
Call me when you outside
Tinted down the ride
Let me know you’re here for me
Girl you know I’m here for you

You know it’s levels
This type chemistry don’t come forever
(once in a lifetime)
This type opportunity won’t knock again
(let me know you quite mine)
Let me get you nice wine
Let me let your mind unwine
Let me get you back in a la-z-boy chair
Let me do mine one time
Let me get you comfortable
Baby girl you keep me comfortable (uh)
In my robe and I’m feelin’ like ah Huxtable

You know sometimes less is more
I Ain’t got no rap
You know what it is with me (shit)
These niggas gon’ talk your head off
(and rap ya head off)
Say a lot of words that don’t mean nothin’
I say a few words keep it short and sweet}

Текст песни (слова) Less is More

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